It's February And Love Is In The Hair at Broome & Beauty!

February is here, and with it comes loads of love from all of us at Broome & Beauty! We want to help you adore your hair every single day of the week, so why not start with an update on your look at your favorite salon? Our very own Jan-Marie Arteca is currently offering a valuable color package so you can freshen up from the root down.

And as always, we offer an unbelievable referral program: Refer two friends and receive complimentary Eleven products, or refer four friends and receive a free service at the salon with your colorist or stylist.


Client and Master Classes at the Academy

If you’re looking for a clean-up below the bangs, our brow specialist Yoli Cotray is now regularly taking clients twice a month at Broome & Beauty. View her full list of services and set up your appointment through our website here. Check out Yoli in action below, at her most recent class with us at LMC Academy, Brow Sculpting and Lash Lift Training!


We are always looking forward to our upcoming classes at LMC Academy. Next on the course schedule is the always popular Beach Waves with Elena / Monday February 11th, where students learn how to create gorgeous beach waves all on their own! View our full list of client and professional classes and buy tickets here


& Beauty Tip of The Month

It's Fashion Week!! More like Fashion Month!  Over the next few weeks, Broome & Beauty’s David Bullen will be working backstage on nearly 20 shows in New York, Paris and Milan.  He expects to see some interesting geometrical looks at Issey Miyake, Lanvin and Hermes, plus perhaps some edgier styles for shows like Marine Serre and Etro.  Although always soft, undone waves are still the look at many of these shows. 

To achieve a runway-esque wave, try spritzing damp hair with a salt or texturing spray and diffusing all the way to dry. Then take random pieces and wrap them around a curling iron, leaving out the end. Finish with a little serum on the ends. 

Liberty & Beauty / Newburgh, NY

We are getting closer and closer every day to opening our doors at the new location in Newburgh! The build-out is almost complete and the date is set for May 1st, 2019. We had the best time last weekend, checking out the sites, taking in the views and meeting our neighbors! Here’s a preview to give you all an idea of what’s to come.

Introducing Partnership with Natalie Decleve of Natty Style + New Client Classes Added!

Meet Natalie Decleve, stylist, journalist, host and our newest partner here at Broome & Beauty!

If one of your New Years resolutions is whipping your wardrobe into shape but you’re just not quite getting there, our friend and personal stylist is here to help.  


First, she edits your closet down to only the best pieces that already work and lend themselves to your desired look.  Next, Natalie takes you shopping to fill in where your wardrobe left off, and gets you looking and feeling your best self.  We like to think of the magic she makes as Stacy London’s ‘What Not to Wear’ but without all that attitude and negativity.  Trust us, you’ll have as much fun during the process as you will showing off your new effortless spirit once you’ve been “Natty Styled.”     


We at B&B are all about finding your best custom fit for fashion and accomplishing that design, head to toe.  We couldn’t think of a better coach for completing your newly refreshed look below the neck, so we joined forces to offer all our clients an exclusive rate!  Email and make sure to mention Broome & Beauty and lock down this special today!


Additional info: 



Upcoming Client Classes

Beach Waves with Elena

Elena returns to NYC to teach her very popular class, Beach Waves with Elena.  In this hands-on hairstyling tutorial, you will learn to give yourself those sought-after, beach-y waves using a curling wand.  

Elena Ruiz is a master colorist and stylist who works in top salons around the world - including Barcelona, Panama and NYC.  After countless times of being asked how she got her gorgeous, wavy hair, she started giving one-on-one lessons to her clients teaching them how to get the look on their own.  Eventually, the demand became so great that she started hosting group classes on the subject.  The classes became so popular that they would fill up instantly and a wait list was always needed to keep up with the demand. 

We are so excited to have her back at LMC Academy in our salon.  Hurry and sign up today to take part in something fun and walk away with skills that will have you looking beautiful everywhere you go!

Included in Class: 

Curling Wand - you can take home after class!

Complimentary Champagne!


What to Bring: 

The only requirement is to arrive with dry hair.


Check out Elena on Instagram: @colorbyelena


Brow Sculpting & Lash Lift Training with Yoli

There are still some spots left for Yoli's class, Brow Sculpting & Lash Lift training.  If you haven't signed up, now's your chance!  Join Yoli Cotray, eyebrow and lash expert (as well as celebrity makeup artist, N.B.D.) as she demonstrates to you step-by-step how to get those perfectly sculpted brows, using only a tweezer.  Next, she will go over how to give yourself a Lash Lift, the new alternative to extensions that everyone is talking about.  Think of it as sort of a perm, but for your eyelashes.  Just think of all of the time and money you will save by being able to take care of your own brows and lashes right from home!

Included in This Class: 

Gift bag- containing Alcone Twizzer & Classic Brow Grooming brush

30% discount on Hourglass Lash Lift Tool- Lash Instrument

Complimentary Champagne!

What to Bring: 

Something to take notes on

Check out Yoli's work online at:


Liberty + Beauty!

If you haven't already, check out our new sister salon, Liberty & Beauty in Newburgh, NY, set to open later in the year.  Visit the website and sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on everything from build-in to opening date!  Trust us, you will not want to miss our Grand Opening party!


New Salon Location! New Classes At LMC! New Stylists At B&B! 2019!

New Year + News to share!

Broome & Beauty is happy to announce three new additions to our family! Please join us in welcoming Master Stylist/Colorist David Bullen, Stylist/Colorist Tyler Ward and Stylist Shawn Nakamura! We are so excited to expand our team of experts here at Broome & Beauty. As we grow, we want to be able to provide our clients with more availability in 2019, starting with opening up Sundays for bookings. Please find our full list of stylists and services here and book your next visit today!

*Keep in mind, we are continuing the Broome & Beauty Referral Program for 2019. Refer two friends and receive complimentary Eleven products. Refer four friends and receive a free service at the salon with your colorist or stylist.

New Client Class at  LMC Academy!

We have a brand new client class coming up this month at LMC Academy, taught by celebrity make-up artist, Yoli Cotray!  Join us Monday, Jan. 28th from 6PM-8PM for Brow Sculpting and Lash Lift Training.  In this class, Yoli will be teaching the art of precision brow shaping by freehand tweezing as well as Lash Lift, the new, low-maintenance alternative to lash extensions.   This is a Master class and all are welcome!
Why not celebrate the New Year by giving yourself the endless value of learning to do your own hair and makeup right from home? And did we mention complimentary champagne?  Happy New Year is right!!  

Visit our event page to learn more about her class and to sign up today!  (We also wanted to remind you that she is now offering her eyebrow services in our salon as well.  Check out her full list of services on our website here).

yoli before after brow

Upcoming Event

We are partnering with Pretty Well Beauty to bring you this fun pop-up event on January 19th!  Come, bring your friends, and browse through a collection of our top clean beauty and wellness product picks.

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B + B Tip of The Month

Whether or not you suffer from dandruff throughout the year, January is always a rough time for our skin and hair, and we could all use a little tip to get through the dry stretch of mid-Winter.  We recently sat down with a stylist from Color Room and Spa who shared with us her most useful dandruff treatment she has put to use.  It's a triple wash, once a month, followed by intensive hair moisturizing.  1. First wash to break down the dandruff on the scalp.  2. A second wash to lift the dandruff from the scalp.  3. The third and final wash will remove the flakes from your hair.  Make sure to follow up immediately with your favorite moisturizing conditioner and to only do this treatment once a month, as washing three times daily is too much for any skin type. 

Liberty + Beauty, New location!

We're expanding!  Follow us and stay up to date on our new salon, Liberty & Beauty, coming soon to Newburgh, NY!  We will be sharing our progress through pictures and developments as we get closer to our grand opening later this year.  Visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to receive updates on new developments!


As we near the end of 2018, Broome and Beauty would like to thank all of you, our supporters, for sharing such an amazing year with us at the salon!  Without you, there would be no us.  Because of your support, we have grown immensely during the course of this year.  To show for it, we have a few exciting announcements we can't wait to share, starting with our new website!  Here, you can  now book all your appointments, read up on our press spots, see our full list and description of stylists at the salon and view the complete run down of services we provide, plus much more!  Look for the development of our Retail section in December.


In June, we launched our new venture, LMC Academy, where we not only offer continuing education for stylists, but also will be hosting makeup, hairstyling, eyebrow/lash maintenance as well as other beauty classes for our clients.  These classes are super fun and you walk away with new beauty tips and skills taught by professionals who are widely respected in their fields.  Our upcoming client classes include Glowy Skin & Eyebrows with Angela Reece and Eyebrow Shaping & Lash Lift training by the very talented, Yoli Cotray - both of these instructors are well-known celebrity makeup artists and beauty experts in their field.  Also, be on the lookout for Elena Ruiz’s class, Beach Waves with Elena, a very popular hands-on class that shows you how to get that wavy, beachy look, right from home.  Sign up for a class today, space is limited!  All classes come with free champagne!

B & B's Tip of the Month

Winter is fast approaching and with winter, comes dry, stressed out, hard to manage hair.  Combat those seasonal challenges with this month's featured product suggested 3-pack: Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo, Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner and Miracle Hair all by our new favorite line, Eleven.  Pick up all three at Broome & Beauty during your next appointment.

Our New Referral Program

*Did you know Broome & Beauty has a Referral Program?  Refer two friends and receive complimentary products from Eleven.  Refer four friends and receive a free service at the salon with your colorist or stylist.