Growth and Going Forward! Changes This Spring at Broome & Beauty

James Lyons, Master Stylist and Salon Manager

For the past month, our Salon Manager James Lyons, has been settling into his new role at Broome & Beauty quite nicely.  Aside from being one of our long-time Master Stylists, here with us since day one, James is now running the show and we couldn’t be happier.

Owner Liam Carey (left) with our new Manager, James Lyons

Owner Liam Carey (left) with our new Manager, James Lyons

This brings a lot of changes for us at the salon, starting with a much broader availability in general.  With James at the helm, we are excited to announce we will now be open every week, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.  We will still also be able to take clients on the weekends as per request.  This new structure will make the salon far more accessible to all of our clientele.  Clients will now be able to make appointments directly through the salon’s front desk/main phone number Monday through Friday.  It will also open up more availability with our stylists, making it much easier to book appointments more suitable to your daily schedules and busy lifestyles.  

Referral Program

As always, we are keeping up with our Referral Program as it seems to be quite popular and helpful to our valued clientele:  Refer two friends and receive complimentary Eleven products, or refer four friends and receive a free service at the salon with your colorist or stylist.

Tip of the Month 

tip lightbulb.png

We can safely say that Winter is coming to an end and Spring is ever so slightly peeking around the corner.  We at Broome & Beauty are elated, as Winter is tough on our hair and just about everything else involved with our overall styles.  So we decided to think Spring and come up with a handful of looks to get excited about as we fight off the lingering cold weather and dry air that is so destructive to our hair.  So pull off your winter hat and let out your locks for a fresh new seasonal change.  

  1. Healthy Bouncy Hair.  We all obviously want healthy hair, but the reason it is such a Spring thing, is due to your hair being held back and in hiding for the past five months.  The best ways to achieve that healthy bounce are by not over-washing it as that will strip your hair of all its natural oils.  It is also important to switch out your rinse/conditioner occasionally when you do shampoo your hair.  Try nourishing it with a conditioning mask or a Keratin treatment instead.

  2. High Ponies are back with a vengeance!  We always love a well-done, tightly pulled pony, and apparently so does everybody else this Spring.  However unless you are willing to go the extension route, this is definitely a look for those of us with a VERY full head of hair.  So give it a good misting with your favorite hairspray before brushing/pulling it up high and tight.  This will give it that nice slick finish which is a BIG part of the look.  It will also hold your hair and the tie in place once it’s up where you want it.  

  3. Lose the long length!  By the time we reach the end of dry season, we are all left with unhealthy looking, dried out ends.  Our solution is sometimes simple: chop it!  It will give you that soft, fresh new growth and a blunt look that seems to be really picking up steam this Spring.  Trust us, it will leave you feeling new all over. 

  4. If you don’t like the idea of going too short, stick with a nice mid-length cut, about half way up the neck, which is also a big warm-weather trend picking up traction.  Not only will this give you a good modern style fresh for the new season, but it will also make it easier to adhere to the new fashions taking shape which seem to include ruffles, collars and high necklines.  The blunt cuts will work well at this length, as will polished pointed ends.

  5. Try a whole new color pallet.  Can we suggest anything along the wide variety that blondes and browns have to offer?  A lot of blondes are going brighter and even platinum, as a way of sticking to your natural tone, but opening up with a beaming brightness for the new season.  If your skin tone can take a wide variety of browns, try softening it up with something warm to fit the mild temps and contrast of strands on skin as the natural facial tanning of Spring to Summer slowly sets in.  Color is always a great hair accessory and it will leave you with a brand new noticeable style  

Our New Location, Liberty & Beauty

Lastly, allow us to remind you, we are getting even closer to opening our second location and proud to say we are sticking to our originally projected opening date of May 10th!  Love taking day or weekend trips to the Beacon/Hudson/Newburgh area?  Stop in!  We’d love to show you our new home!