“Know This Before Booking Your Wedding Makeup Artist and Hairstylist” - Popsugar

Chances are, you know someone (or have a friend who knows someone) who recently got married in your area. Referrals are your best bet when trying to find a wedding day hairstylist and makeup artist.

"Make sure to research 'bridal hairstylist' and 'bridal makeup artist,' so you find good talent that loves working with brides," commented Liam Carey, who was the hairstylist for my big day and is the owner of Broome and Beauty in New York City. "For many talented artists, weddings just aren't their thing," he said.


“How to Properly Consult with your Hairstylist” - NY Live

Don't get caught up in a hairy situation when consulting with your hairstylist. The team at Broome and Beauty teaches us the most up to date terminology in the business.


"Don’t Sweat It: Easy Hairstyles That Give You Zero Excuses to Skip the Gym" - Yahoo Beauty

“When working out, you want to avoid a hairstyle that is going to fall out or end up looking a mess. Keep it cute, sexy and simple,” says hairstylist Liam Carey, owner of boutique hair salon Broome and Beauty. “Stick with a look that will still look good, even if you take it apart for a sexy bed-heady look — which looks good on everyone!”

Yahoo Beauty teamed up with Carey to create gorgeous hairstyles that will take you from a hot workout session to a hot date. Click ahead to see six different hair looks on six different hair textures to try before your next sweat session.


“Copy Lucy Hale’s Velvet-Wrapped French Braid in 6 Easy Steps” - Yahoo Beauty

Shop owner, Liam Carey aimed at creating a place where clients could not only get killer hairstyles, but also relax and network. He allows his clients to hold small meetings at the salon and come by just to have a drink. It's the kind of salon where everyone knows your name and you can be yourself. All under the watchful gaze of a Jane Fonda workout clock hanging on the back wall.

It's that calming and un-judgmental charm that makes Broome And Beauty NYC's coolest salon.


“Why Broome and Beauty is the Coolest Salon”

While at the 10th annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, the former Pretty Little Liars actress sported a modern take on the classic French braid, incorporating a velvet ribbon. Although Hale recently chopped off her hair, she proves any hair length or type can pull of this hairstyle.

To learn how to achieve this updated version of a French braid, Yahoo Beauty challenged Broome and Beauty owner and stylist Liam Carey to recreate this hairdo on longer hair. Grab your ribbon, bobby pins, and get ready to Copy That!


“Your New Go-To Salon: Broome & Beauty”

Liam Carey opened Broome & Beauty with the dream of creating a space where his clients can come and go, and his favorite artists can come and create. Nestled on (you guessed it) Broome street, this light-filled space is removed from the bustle of the city.

I stopped in recently for a post-summer glaze with Jan Marie and was in and out the door in less than an hour but was also told I was welcome to stay, drink, chat. There’s something to be said for really getting to know your stylist and feeling at home when going through the often arduous process of getting your hair cut or colored.